Shoot Along

The year-long project to help you photograph your family!


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What you'll love...


Capture memories 
Hold on to all the amazing adventures you’ll have this year!


Make summer fun 
See the world with a fresh eye through photography!


Connect with your family 
Family is everything… use photography to bring everyone closer together!


Learn photography 
Finally master your camera. It’s a powerful tool and we’ll teach you how to use it!


Do you feel like you are falling short when it comes to taking great pictures of your kids? Maybe there are buttons on your camera that are a mystery? Or perhaps you need some help to make your pictures look more creative and less like snapshots?

What if you could get the help, motivation and inspiration you need without going to a local community college or taking a weekend away from your family for a photography seminar? That would be awesome.

Shoot Along is designed to give parents a boost in their photography skills in a way that suits busy families. Learn how to capture better pictures of your children in this course covering key topics. Work at your own pace, share your progress in a private Facebook group with other parents doing the same lessons, and really make the most of your camera!

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New photography skills

52 weeks of photography lessons delivered by email. Learn new concepts, understand how your camera works and build on your existing skills. A mixture of both creative and technical lessons make it easy to stay motivated. Some of topics you will learn include:

  • Depth of field
  • Perfecting focus
  • Capturing Motion
  • Low light
  • Silhouettes
  • Long Exposure & Panning
  • Controlling ISO
  • Rule of thirds
  • Flash strategies
  • Golden Hour
  • Textures & Pattern
  • Contrast
  • Backlighting & Rimlighting
  • White Balance


The course is designed for parents using a DSLR, mirrorless, or creative-controlled camera with any type of lens(es). You will practice new techniques by photographing your own children. This course is not for professional photographers. For more info, see the FAQs.

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Support and connection

Ask questions, get feedback and stay accountable! Share and view images with hundreds of other parents participating in Shoot Along through a private Facebook group. The Facebook group is exclusively for members who are working on the Shoot Along project; it is not open to the public.

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Handy shot lists

Suggestions for each week’s topic are included to get you up-and-running. Use this list of ideas as a starting point if you are tackling a new concept, or as a challenge if you ready to grow creatively. There is no requirement to photograph the ideas on the shot list.


$159 for a full year of lessons