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3 Tips for Shooting Inside

3 Tips for Shooting Inside

Oh those sweet, authentic moments… They always seem to happen in tricky lighting situations. Although our eyes can adapt to seeing in very little light, unfortunately our cameras cannot. Photographing your little ones indoors is an EXTRA challenge. Often the best pictures are just a grainy, blurry mess because there is not enough light for the camera to function as we had hoped.

Follow these three tips to capture shots inside:

1 Raise your ISO

Using either a manual setting or AUTO-ISO, don’t be afraid to set your ISO higher than normal. It may result in some noise, but that’s better than missing the shot entirely.

2 Have a direct light source

You camera will focus best in low light situations when it can detect edges of faces or objects. A strong light source such as a nearby window or lamp will help give contrast to your subject and make focussing easier. It also gives rich shadows!

Avoid overhead lighting.

3 Think in Black and White

The precious moments you capture inside are often best viewed in black and white. As you shoot, look for highlights and shadows rather than blocks of color. Using your favorite software, convert your image to black and white and don’t be shy about raising the contrast to bring out the drama!

* beautiful photo by Jennifer Rosiere

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