Shoot Along has interviewed hundreds of professional photographers over the years, asking how they capture their own families. Here are a few highlights. We love to learn from different perspectives and will be adding more to this collection!


Me Ra Koh

"Some days we feel discouraged, and other days we feel unstoppable. I think this is part of the cycle when building a dream. And that is what I want my kids to learn most of all."


Kevin Cook

"The best advice I ever received was to be myself. I know it sounds cliche, and it kind of is... but it holds a lot of weight in photography."


MIchele Anderson

"It doesn't matter if you don't have time to edit them right away...editing will always be there. Capture the moment anyway."


Amy Drucker

"Well, as much as I love my cameras, I don't consider myself a gear-head. I can be pretty happy shooting with whatever camera I've got with me.


Erin Elizabeth

"I learned quickly that less is more when it comes to Photoshop."


Beryl Young

"Making an image is so often so much more than the technical. It's about slowing down long enough to shoot with clear intention too."


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