Sharing photography with your tween

As kids get a little older and move out of the adorable “little kid” phase, it can become a challenge to capture them candidly and with authenticity. Tweens, that is kids between the ages of 9-12, can see photos as a chore. It’s something mom or dad does “to” them, rather than “with” them.

To prevent the camera from becoming a barrier between you and your tween, why not engage in this hobby together? Tweens are old enough to safely handle a camera, understanding not to drop it or misplace it. They can read instruction manuals, remember how different buttons function, and they have an unbridled curiosity.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of taking pictures together:

  • You will both learn a new skill
  • Pictures draw out conversation
  • Learning a new skill instills self-confidence
  • You’ll get new insights into your tween’s perspective
  • It’s focused time together, with no distractions
  • Flexing your creative muscle feels good
  • Your tween will feel pride in adding to the family photo collection

Above all, as you travel on a photo journey together, resist the urge to criticize your tween’s images. As a parent, it’s easy to see every moment as a teaching opportunity. When you view your images together, instead of pointing out the problems, see how you can turn them upside-down. Blurry shot? Ask about the dream-like effect this may provide. Too dark? Reflect together on what makes a moody picture. Stuck on how to connect with your child? Try asking more questions than your child… you might be surprised at who is teaching whom.