Capturing your baby

Get low

Have you ever noticed that the best teachers, pediatricians, babysitters, etc. will always lower themselves to the height of the child they are speaking with? What these gifted child-whisperers know is that children engage best when approached face-to-face. When photographing your baby, you’ll find that the images you take will be significantly more interactive and authentic when shot from their level. This may mean that your baby is not the only one who needs her daily tummy time!

Shoot continuously

As your baby develops, he will begin interacting with the world around him with a widening spectrum of emotions. To capture the fast-changing faces that reflect your baby’s moods, be sure to set your camera to “continuous release mode.” Even if you are shooting with a camera phone, there is usually a burst mode that allows you to capture multiple pictures in rapid sequence. The more pictures you take, the better the chance you’ll have one that truly captures your little one’s developing personality.

Stay positive

Babies are masters of mimicry and continuously feed off of the emotions of those around them. As your baby’s main photographer, remember to stay positive when you’re capturing pictures of your little one. Often, babies will only smile in response to another smile, which means you may find yourself playing peek-a-boo from behind your camera to get those sweet, toothless grins.  Whatever you do, be sure to keep your feelings of frustration at bay as you take pictures of your baby so you don’t transfer any fussiness to your little subject.