3 Tips for Perfect Snow Pictures

  1. Wait till the snow stops. As lovely as the images may look in your imagination, taking pictures when the snow is still falling can lead to wet equipment and blurry images due to the snowflakes between you and your subjects. As soon as the snow stops falling, get those kids in their cutest winter gear and head outside for some photography fun!
  2. Avoid direct sunlight. Taking pictures in the snow is more of a challenge than many might realize; a blanket of bright, white snow is reflective in nature, creating a unique lighting situation. Ideally, take pictures in a location where no direct sunlight touches the snow or your subject. You'll find that the intense reflection of the sun can render an overexposed image. Open shade leads to even exposure for both your subject and the snow around her.
  3. Use color. A bright, white background lends itself to colorful subjects. Look for colorful hats, mittens, and scarves to stand out against the snow!