Getting out of a slump

At some point in the year, the initial glow of a creative project starts to fade. You may begin having doubts about your ability to continue. You may lack motivation to keep going.

We are here to tell you that this is normal. It’s important to push pass this slump and keep going! Slumps will come and go. (You may actually experience more than one during the course of the year.) Even if you don’t love every picture you create during a slump, you will be able to look back and see growth and experimentation. Here are our strategies for working through the occasional lack of motivation:

1. Have a go-to spot

Most people have one spot in their home that they know will always deliver light for a good photo. It may be a favorite window, a doorway, or a blank wall. Think about YOUR go-to spot and camp out there when you need a boost.

2. Look for inspiration in art

We dare you to spend five minutes browsing masterpieces and not come away with some connection to your own photographic journey. Find a painting you love and take a moment to figure out why. Is it the use of color, dark & light, texture, or the overall scene? How can you bring this favorite element into your pictures? Here’s a great starting place:

3. Go on a photowalk

Take your camera out for a date. Reconnect with the reason you love photography by taking your camera outside on an excursion. Whether it’s half an hour just on your own out in the woods, or a walk with the kids to the library, treat the excursion as an opportunity to see everything anew.

4. Read (or re-read) your manual

Even though it sounds boring, this is the easiest of all the methods for getting out of a slump. Do you think you know everything your camera can do? What about time lapse, shooting in black and white mode, or exposure compensation? You WILL discover a new trick, we promise.

5. Shoot a Day in the Life

Document just one day in your life, but do it full on! Wake up with your camera placed next to your bed. When you wake up, take a picture. From this point onward, set a timer on your watch or cellphone to go off every 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, take a picture no matter what is happening. Will there be some duds throughout the day? Yes. But there will be some gems, too…