Secret tricks!

Of course, this list certainly doesn't apply to YOUR cherubic child, but just in case... here are our five favorite tactics for photographing your little “wild thing."

  1. Whisper. Tricky kids are often loud kids, which means you may find yourself competing in volume. What’s the best way to win at that game? Whispering! When you take your voice down to a soft, quiet level, your child can’t hear what you’re saying and instantly becomes intrigued. Added bonus: whispering not only grabs a tricky child's attention, it’s also an effective way of calming him down.
  2. Count to ten. Your wild thing doesn’t want to sit still for long, so why try to make her? Communicating your expectation ahead of time takes the panic out of the equation; it allows your child to relax knowing that pictures won’t last forever! *Note: be a fast shooter, and stop when you say you will! You can always pick the camera back up in a bit to try again.
  3. Stay engaged. Your child will be much more interested in engaging with your camera if you make it a point to engage with him! Put your camera down for a time and relate face-to-face with your child by telling jokes, asking funny questions, or making faces. Help him understand that you are just as (or more!) interested in HIM as you are in taking his picture.
  4. Be a silly singer. If your little one begins losing interest, try belting out a tune silly-style! Find your best opera voice and sing a song they know in a silly way. It will catch them by surprise and most certainly encourage a giggle!
  5. Be unexpected. A favorite tactic of tricky kids is to keep their parents guessing… so turn the tables and catch their interest! Make a up a silly rhyme, create a made up word like "snirkle" or "flarnish", call her a different name, or say a word that elicits a smile. Watch your child dial right into you then snap away!