Meet Our Alumni


Cassandra B

I love the weekly prompts from Shoot Along. The first year I did it, I learned so much. The second year was a great refresher and kept me accountable for the weekly photos. This is my third year!

I am really inspired by double exposures and find them very hard to compose. I had an idea for this photo and it seriously took about 87 tries to get something comparable to the vision in my head. I’m proud that I tried something that creatively inspired me and ended up with something I like. I have learned that I will practice double exposures on a subject that will stay in one place for more than 1 second. This was taken on my Canon 5dm3 and 50mm 1.2L lens, under the multiple exposure setting. I sat her in front of a window and shot her silhouette and I lined up vases of tulips and shot them horizontally on a white driveway.

35mm lens,1/500s, f4.0, ISO 400

35mm lens,1/500s, f4.0, ISO 400

Carolann B

This is a collage of silhouettes of my 3 kids. I love it because it captures them doing what they love to do, soccer, dancing and just being a crazy younger brother.

Shoot Along has been a huge part of my growth in photography. The weekly lessons were well laid out to step me through learning my camera and to become comfortable as a photographer. I went from not knowing how to use manual to knowing how to properly expose a shot and feeling comfortable shooting in most situations. I know I have more to learn so I signed up for Shoot Along 2018, and although the lessons are similar, I am loving more detail in the weekly lessons and am especially loving the moderator feedback provided in Shoot Along 2018.


Cassie D

When I first started, I didn't have a style. I was still muddling through trying to learn and understand settings and editing. Over the last 1-1.5 years, I have nailed down my shooting and editing style. I now feel as though all of my photos have my signature style and voice on them.

This picture was taken with my 105mm lens at f3.2, 400, 1/500 outside our condo in the city. I was attempting to use the "fill the frame" technique while also documenting her love of all flowers. This was taken in midday sun in the shade.

Shoot Along had some great prompts and interesting topics. It is an amazing value, a great way to make lasting connections, a wonderful and positive environment, and had some great topics and learning opportunities.

ƒ/2.8  1/160  10.2mm   ISO200

ƒ/2.8  1/160  10.2mm   ISO200

Emily K

I love the cardboard box photo because of the glowy effect around the outside (shot that one with lots of sun behind the box but exposed for my son inside the shady box) I wanted to capture the magic of a cardboard box picnic and love how the colors and tones turned out in this one. 

Shoot along is the entire extent of my photography education, I have come so far and learned so much. Shoot Along got me to manual mode.  Maybe 2-3 months in I finally committed and felt comfortable enough to stick with it. I think the first three weeks set me up perfectly, but I did stick in Aperture mode for another couple months till I got the courage to go full manual.

Canon 50mm 1.8 @ f/3.2 1/200 ISO 2500

Canon 50mm 1.8 @ f/3.2 1/200 ISO 2500

Jennifer R

I love to photograph my kids. I just want to remember them this little forever. I know "this little" is always a moving target, so I want to remember all the "this little" moments. 

Shoot Along was a foundation for my photography education. Lessons covered just the right kind and amount of information in a very reasonable time frame each week. In addition to the lessons, prompts and editing videos themselves, I absolutely learned from fellow Shoot Along-ers. Many of whom have become friends of mine. We ask each other questions, give encouragement and help each other find our voices in this photography world. Shoot Along really started something tremendous for me and I really am so happy I took the leap to do it.

This is just very real. It speaks to my journalist self and tells such a story. I feel like my truest photographer self with this kind of shot.

50mm 1.4 f/2.8 1/160 ISO 800

50mm 1.4 f/2.8 1/160 ISO 800

Meryl P

I love this image because of the back light. My kids thought they were hiding in the curtains and I just loved how the light and curtains captured their boyish silhouettes. I bumped up my ISO to capture this shot.

I would pick up the DSLR every November to take a photo for our holiday card and would have to re-learn it every year- that's where Shoot Along came in. I decided once and for all to learn my camera so that I could finally shoot the types of shots that I "saw" in my head but couldn't seem to achieve. Slowly through the class and the weekly prompts I started to see some improvement in my images. Manual mode really allows you to take complete control and tell the camera what's important in the image you're creating.

Shoot Along helped me pick up my camera every week and try something new. It's so fun to see how each photographer interprets the lesson differently. I loved seeing everyone's amazing images and it motivated me to keep improving.

35mm, F 3.2, 1/160  ISO 500

35mm, F 3.2, 1/160  ISO 500

Jenn S

The shot of my youngest with crazy static hair was taken near a bright window in our house mid-day. I had my husband rub his head with a dark grey fleece blanket we have & then use it both as a backdrop & to hold over his head so that his hair would stick straight up.

I still use the same camera I first got because I haven't outgrown it yet & feel I have a lot more to learn about editing before I outgrow it. I love my 35mm most, it allows me to get shots indoors in fairly low light/tight conditions & I can also use it for portraiture outside!


Missy K

My daughter is now 9 so for the most part I've just read a lot online, books, and practiced over the past 6 years when I wanted to learn something new. I finally got out of manual mode when I join Shootalong last year. It was a bit of a breakthrough moment because then I was able to learn how to shoot in more complex lighting situations that weren't as easy to do when I was limited to modes like Aperture priority mode.

Shoot along helped me grow in that it gave me weekly tips and inspiration to get out there are try something new. Or if it was a topic I was already familiar with there was always some sort of different way of trying it out I hadn't thought of before and could work on making that skill even better for myself. What I'm most thankful was through Shoot Along I found a photography buddy who lives just minutes away and have created an amazing friendship with to talk all things photography and life!

Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm, ISO 100, 1/250, f1.6

Canon 5D Mark IV, 85mm, ISO 100, 1/250, f1.6

Michele T

One lesson a week is just enough to give you a focus that’s obtainable even in the busiest of times. Also, I love the online and social support. It makes it so much easier to participate being an entirely virtual class.

This image was taken as inspiration from the bokeh prompt. I wanted to do something a little different than just the typical background bokeh. My son and other daughter were also blowing bubbles around her and it was a group effort and we were laughing and having so much fun. I told Madeline to blow as many bubbles as she could and she’s not one to take a challenge lightly. The camera and that lesson brought us all together in a fun moment to capture this shot.

That class literally (as cheesy as it sounds) was life changing. I learned thing about my camera and shooting techniques I never thought I’d ever understand let alone capture. Amy and Heidi’s Shoot Along class is one of the best classes you can take to get you to that next level!!

20180628_Raspberry Picking_1351.jpg

Sandra R

Learning to shoot in manual was a definite game changer! Suddenly I had control over what was in focus, and the depth of field, and I could bring the viewers eye to look at exactly what I wanted. I could control shadows and dark and light and suddenly all those visions of what I was wanting to capture were actually coming out that way! 

I really enjoyed that each week there was a new, concise lesson to inspire me. Sometimes it was a new technical skill, other times it was a creative prompt. However, more than the lessons I LOVED the community of photographers that I connected with. The enthusiasm they shared for photography was contagious, and I was inspired weekly by the work they produced. I loved the way we supported each other and lifted each other up, learning from our mistakes, and sharing new skills as we learned them. The Shoot Along community was such a huge impact in my growth, having a safe place to share my images, get feedback, and ask questions.