51: Photo Series


Marking Time…

As the end of the Shoot Along project draws near, it’s a great time to brainstorm creative ways to apply your photography passion. One our favorite methods is to create a series of photos which show growth, change, development and contrast.

A popular series for new parents is to take a picture of a newborn baby once a month for the first year of life. Shot in the same setting, such as laying down on the same blanket next to the same stuffed animal, the series captures how the baby gets larger relative to the stuffed animal.

Another classic example is to take a picture of your kids in the same location on the first day of school each year.

This is a longterm project, so we do not expect you complete the entire thing in one week, but it requires planning and critical thinking. Some considerations as you plan your project should be: 

  • Where can I photograph on a regular basis?

  • What times of day work best for my family members?

  • What are the passions and interests that I can show?

  • How can I show both change and consistency?

When you have a starting point, be sure to share it in the facebook group!  

series 1.jpeg
series 2.jpeg

Creative Prompts

Keep it practical. Complicated projects are a lot harder to execute and complete. 

  • Start with a simple idea and build upon it. If you daughter loves Legos, plan an artistic way to show her with a new creation each month or week.

  • Think about location and weather. Do you have a place inside or outside that you can use for this project?

  • Involve your kids. Older kids will participate more readily if they are invested in the project. Canvas them for ideas and let them share ownership!

Share your images!

As always, we look forward to seeing your images in the Facebook group! If you have never posted a picture, it's fine to start any time. The Facebook group is a positive, no-judgement zone. We also hope that reach out for advice or help if you need it!