42 : Pattern


Pattern & Repetition

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In photography, pattern is the repetition of a shape, object or color in an image. This week we are exploring the patterns all around us.  

A repeating pattern, such as row of apples or a line of keys on a piano can be the subject of an image. Using a regular pattern will make a soothing (but not very compelling) picture. The human eye is naturally pleased by repetition. Consider ways to disrupt the pattern in order to make a more intriguing composition.

Alternatively, pattern can form the background of your image. Again, the background may be disrupted by the placement of the subject in the foreground (like in the main image above). Disrupting the pattern creates an immediate and striking focal point for the eye. You may discover that man-made structures present more opportunities for observing and capturing patterns. If you normally shoot in nature, this is a great chance to seek out some urban spaces.



Photo by Shoot Along participant Jennifer Antone

Photo by Shoot Along participant Jennifer Antone

  • Avoid using the patterns or textures in your child’s clothes as the solution for this assignment. Be more adventurous. Anyone can take a picture of a kid in a striped shirt or a floral dress -- think creatively!

  • Incorporate pattern & texture into the story your pictures tells. How does this element add to the vibe? Consider pattern or texture a character in your story.

Photo by Shoot Along participant Olya Kraynova

Photo by Shoot Along participant Olya Kraynova

Creative Prompts

  • Buildings, whether large or small, provide a variety of repetitive elements: columns in a row, spindles on a staircase, seats in an auditorium, or a line of windows on a flat wall.

  • Patterns help us organize our lives. Find patterns in your home, such as a shelf of books or a pair of curtains, and make them a character in your images,

  • Try arranging smaller items in a pattern. Chose something meaningful, like your child's favorite building blocks, cookies on a plate, or your toddler's shoes all in a row.


Share your images!

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