40 : Reflections



This week we will be practicing another visual skill. You will be identifying and capturing reflections and you will need to rely on your power of observation to make images that show a "mirror", either of your subject or their surroundings.


With reflections, most people automatically think of romanticized shots like the ones above showing cute little kids and water. While these are certainly beautiful, you can easily capture day-to-day reflections too.

reflection 1.jpeg

Almost everyone has some place in their home that is shiny and bright - a countertop, wooden floor or stainless steel appliance - even the back of a shiny spoon can make for an interesting composition!

Of course, water is always fun to photograph, too - here's hoping there is rain in your forecast this week so you can find some puddles!


Creative Prompts


Reflections can come from both natural and man-made sources. Keep an eye out for reflections in the following places:

  • Puddles

  • Pools

  • Lakes and ponds

  • Shiny countertops

  • Shiny floors

  • Mirrors

  • Glasses

  • Cutlery

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