32 : Multiple Exposure


Seeing Double

Multiple exposures are a great way to be both artistic and give yourself a technical challenge. Harkening back to the days of film, when multiple exposures occurred if the film in the camera was not advanced and the same negative was exposed twice, digital multiple exposures happen much the same way... two images are merged to create one shot.

Just to be clear, this does not happen in Photoshop. It happens in the camera.

To create a filled silhouette image like the one above, navigate through your camera settings to find the Multiple Exposure option. Set it to "2", because you will be using two exposures to make one image. Take a shot of a person with clear sky behind them, so that the person appears to be on a white background. You can also have your person stand in front of a bright window. It's ok if their face is a little dark - you are working with the shape more than the details.


Next, take a picture of an interesting texture. Your camera will automatically merge the two images, showing the texture only in the areas that were dark in your first shot.

You will find there is a LOT of trial and error involved in multiple exposure, and a lot of surprises!


Another way to use multiple exposures is to capture a range of movements in the same space. This image has five exposures taken in quick succession. (The setting was changed to "5"). When capturing action, you will need to rest your camera on something stable or use a tripod, otherwise the background elements become blurred.

dance multiple exposure.jpeg

Creative Prompts


  • When shooting a silhouette, be sure the shape is interesting to the viewer. Ask your subject to turn to the side - a face in profile is more interesting than shot straight on.
  • When you get a few successful attempts under your belt, try to capture action too!


  • Don't feel constrained to shoot just silhouettes. You can also combine landscapes, portaits, objects and closeups for beautiful results with overlapping areas of color.

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