22 : Texture


All the feels

Texture is a character you can bring to your photographic story. Texture adds drama and gives the viewer valuable emotional information as they interpret your image. A weathered barn or rusty fence, for example, immediately says “old”. These clues make an image relatable to the viewer’s own experiences as well as giving visual depth. When photographing people, one of our favorite techniques is to contrast a rough or gritty background with the soft, smooth skin of our subjects, especially children.

For this lesson, you are encouraged to incorporate all types of textures in order to heighten the impact of your images.

Lighting your texture from the side will exaggerate the bumps and ridges of many surfaces. Lighting your subject from the front will smooth out a texture. That's why beauty shots of models are created with direct front light -- so their skin appears as flawless as possible!

Zooming in on everyday objects (using a macro lens if you’ve got one!) creates compelling and surprising images as well. Imagine focusing on the skin of an orange in the foreground while your child eats lunch in the background. Simplistic as it sounds pattern and texture are everywhere. The trick is, as always, seeing these elements with a fresh eye.

Explore the textures that surround you, wherever you are in the world, and find ways to add them to your images. You may incorporate previous lessons and should feel no constraints to use specific camera settings to complete this assignment.


Creative Prompts

unnamed (7).png
  • asphalt
  • skin
  • grass
  • linen
  • flannel
  • carpet
  • peeling paint
  • rust
  • bark
  • sand
  • glass
  • brushed metal

Share your images!

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