10 : Embracing Your Style


The journey continues

Photographing your family is a deeply personal and subjective hobby. With the growth of social media it is easy to get overwhelmed by endless range of styles presented by other photographers. So often we aspire to a create a certain "look" then feel discouraged if our photos are different.

This week's challenge is to consciously understand and embrace your own style. The longer that you use a camera, the more you will find that your images have an identifiable feel.  Pros report that no matter what they do when they are shooting, their pictures always come out the same. That is by design, not chance.

Your assignment is to shoot ONE PICTURE EACH DAY THIS WEEK with the goal of identifying and embracing your own style. Since we are asking you to make a photograph every day, all the images do not necessarily have to include your family members. At the end of the week you should see some strong themes. Please share your image sets and thoughts on the Facebook group!



To help illustrate this week's lesson, Heidi, Amy, Deanne, and Rebecca have put together small collages of photographs of their families, as well as a few words they feel best describe their style:


primary color palette, crisp

Heidi Style.jpg


warm, isolated subject matter

amy style.jpg


journalistic, high contrast

Rebecca Style.jpg


detail-oriented, variety of perspectives

Deanne Style.jpg

Creative Prompts

  • Think about famous photographs or photographers that inspire you. Why do certain types of pictures resonate more strongly than others with you? Is it technical mastery or something more subtle?
  • Take a few minutes to review your images from the past few weeks, or even previous years. Can you see common visual themes in composition, framing, color, use of shadow, or subject matter?
  • Look for areas of technical growth as well as consistency. Has your ability to nail focus or to capture motion improved? Perhaps you have been able to photograph candid moments more easily. Perhaps your editing style has added a trademark flavor.
  • Embracing your own style is an ongoing process and part of why we all love photography. Be sure not to compare yourself to others. You are on your own journey!

Share your images!

If you are posting on the Facebook group this week, be sure to write a short description of how you think your images have evolved or how they demonstrate some consistency. Some members like to post "before" and "after" shots -- that is, before and after they started this course!