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Key features


Weekly Lessons

  • Lessons & examples sent every week
  • Instruction at your own pace
  • Suitable for all levels and all types of DSLR cameras
  • Take as much time as you need to master new skills
  • Learning fits with your schedule
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Shoot 2017 is a way to invigorate your creativity, whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro.

Lessons are overflowing with encouragement and motivation. Capture the meaningful moments in your family while learning more about photography .



  • Private Facebook community to share your progress 
  • Subscription is all-inclusive, no add-on costs
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Receive helpful feedback and encouragement from other members when you share your photos

Beautiful pictures. Fun memories.

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A year of weekly topics and camera lessons, delivered directly to your inbox. Each week includes a theme to practice, example images, and camera setting tips and tricks. Create a year of memories with beautiful images that you can be proud of, mastering how your camera works while you're at it!


What you'll learn

Photography is part technical, part creative. Using simple language and plenty of illustrative examples, we cover a wonderful variety of topics which will help you get better pictures of your family. Camera settings and "how-to" guides are included for the different scenarios you will practice. The year long course covers:

Rule of thirds

Reflective Lighting


Shutter Speed


Perfecting Focus 




White Balance


Contrasting subject matter

Manual Mode



Low light

Low depth of field

Foreground framing

Epic Longshots

Point of view


Wide Angle

Vibrant Color

Negative Space

Contrasting Color

Unusual crops

Using architecture

Day in the Life


Multiple Exposure


Back lighting

Balanced composition

Golden Hour


Family Self Portraits


Leading Lines



Long Exposure

Breaking rules 

Picture Stories

Rembrandt lighting 

Posing Your Kids

Using Flash

Self Portraits

Low Key


Photo Series


Embracing your style


Discover how to use your camera to take your photos from boring to beautiful. These pictures were taken just seconds apart with the same camera and same lens. Practice techniques that will dramatically improve your photography using the camera you already have. 


Your teachers

Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters are award-wining photographers. Their work has appeared in Parents Magazine, US Weekly, People, The Chicago Tribune and Professional Photographer Magazine. They created Shoot Along to give themselves structure and accountability to capture their own families and decided it would be a great concept to share with other parents.

What began as a personal project has grown into a friendly and rewarding passion, offering support and instruction to parents on six continents. The goal of Shoot Along is to give parents the tools they need to document their families through photography.

Over 3,500 parents have taken part in Shoot Along since it started in 2014. 

It’s been fun to see my work progress from what I thought was “pretty good” into something that continues to get better and better. I now have a collection of beautiful photos of my family that I’ll cherish forever!
— John
I feel like I have such a better understanding of what goes into making a great image, from the basics of focus and composition to more artistic elements such as framing and color and texture.
— Holli
It has been a great frequent reminder to get out and shoot pictures of my own kids, which (as someone who does family photography part-time) I sometimes forget to do.
— Jenn
The project has allowed me to capture experiences of my family that tells a story of who we are. From looking at lighting differently to seeing my everyday surroundings.
— Jen

These moments won't wait.