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Better photography starts here.

SHOOT ALONG is for parents who want to take better pictures. Just like you.

Expert Instruction and Guidance
  • Lessons, editing videos and examples sent every week
  • Instruction at your own pace
  • Suitable for all levels and all types of cameras
  • Take as much time as you need to master new skills
  • Project runs for a full year: January 1st – December 31st
  • Learning fits with your schedule
Supportive Community
  • Members from six continents – be inspired by something new
  • Private online community to share your progress with like-minded parents
  • Subscription is all-inclusive, no add-on costs
  • Friendly and supportive
  • Receive helpful feedback and encouragement from other members when you share your photos
10 great shots you can take this year
Must-take shots for 2016

Easy instructions for taking 10 great shots of your kids. Free how-to guide with camera settings and inspiration galore!

Get a preview of some of the fun photography concepts we will be covering in Shoot 2016.

Learn to capture your family’s moments.

Weekly instruction

Each week you’ll be introduced to a new concept or skill to practice. With clear instructions and inspiring examples, you will be motivated to pick up your camera more often.


The friendly, members-only website is a great place to connect with other photo enthusiasts around the world. The website was built specifically to make sharing your pictures fun and easy.

Expert Examples

Every week a well-known photographer shares new strategies for photographing children. Read how they face lighting, exposure or posing challenges to create beautiful images.

Editing How-Tos

Add extra magic to your images. Learn how to make your pictures even better with our weekly editing video demonstrations, covering everything from boosting contrast to removing stray hairs.


SHOOT 2016 lessons are overflowing with encouragement and motivation. Keep on track with our handy shot lists and methods for trying new techniques.


Above all, SHOOT 2016 is a way to invigorate your creativity, whether you are new to photography or a seasoned pro. Be inspired to capture the meaningful moments in your family and learn more about photography at the same time.

What our members are saying…

Read what Shoot Along members have to say about the year-long photography project.


“The SHOOT 2015 project has allowed me to capture experiences of my family that tells a story of who we are. From looking at lighting differently to seeing my everyday surroundings – these projects have really helped to open up what was definitely a narrow mindset.”


“SHOOT 2015 lessons have been a great way to expand my creativity and try new things in my photography style. It’s been fun to see my work progress from what I thought was “pretty good” into something that continues to get better and better. I now have a collection of beautiful photos of my family that I’ll cherish forever!”


“I joined ShootAlong in 2014 and am so happy I did! I feel like I have such a better understanding of what goes into making a great image, from the basics of focus and composition to more artistic elements such as framing and color and texture. I will definitely be back for SHOOT 2016!”


“SHOOT 2015 has been an amazing resource for me as a photographer. It has been a great frequent reminder to get out and shoot pictures of my own kids, which (as someone who does family photography part-time) I sometimes forget to do!”

Sample Lesson

Each week we will break down a photography concept for you to explore and apply to your own family pictures. Click here to see a sample lesson.

Editing Videos

Following along with step-by-step videos is the best way to learn how to add a little magic to your pictures. Click here watch a sample video.

Explore these concepts,
and more…

Depth of field

Perfecting focus

Capturing Motion

Low light


Long exposure & Panning

Controlling ISO

Rule of thirds

Flash strategies

Golden Hour

Textures & Pattern


Backlighting & Rimlighting

White Balance

Exposure Compensation

Negative Space

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SHOOT 2016
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Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters are award-wining photographers. Their work has appeared in Parents Magazine, US Weekly, People, The Chicago Tribune and Professional Photographer Magazine. They created the Shoot Along project to give themselves structure and accountability to capture their own families.

What began as a personal project has grown into a powerful worldwide movement, offering support and instruction to parents everywhere. The goal of the Shoot Along project is to give parents the tools they need to document their families through photography.

SHOOT 2016 is open to anyone with a camera, whether DSLR, point-and-shoot, or film. If you have children and love photography, you are welcome in the SHOOT 2016 community!

We can’t wait for you to capture your family!

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